Top 10 Christmas Marketing Ideas For Ecommerce Stores

Christmas can be an excellent opportunity for your ecommerce store to attract new customers, showing your festive side while offering promotions tailored to attract your target market.

Bundle deals can be an effective way to drive average order value up and increase repeat sales. Furthermore, they allow you to tailor them based on customer attributes for even greater impact.

1. Create a 12-day sale

Make shopping more pleasant for customers by clearly communicating shipping deadlines. Eliminating concerns over whether their gift will arrive by Christmas Day can increase conversions and sales overall.

Offering holiday discounts on top-selling products or gift bundles is an effective way to strengthen customer loyalty and increase lifetime value for each client.

Use email marketing to drive promotions, and include a link to your Christmas catalog page in every transactional email. Tools like SeedProd can quickly create holiday-themed catalogs of your best products that you can then display across platforms including websites, emails and social media.

2. Offer free shipping

Free shipping during the holiday season makes gift buying easier for customers and shows your consideration for their financial strain during this special season.

Through email marketing, emphasize Christmas discounts and sales with festive graphics and GIFs to attract attention and drive sales. Be sure to include real-time shipping updates and delivery deadline details as a way to build customer trust and ensure satisfaction among your target market. You could also offer gift cards as part of the offer so customers have more choice available to them.

3. Add a countdown timer

A countdown timer can be an excellent way to create excitement among your customers and foster engagement. Proper use can even help attract new customers while keeping existing ones engaged!

Moosend’s newsletter signup forms can be personalized with holiday-inspired graphics and festive copy to draw visitors in and encourage them to sign up – an effective strategy that can expand both your email list and customer base.

Cart abandonment rates spike during holiday shopping season, so creating an urgent environment on your website is critical to increasing conversions and encouraging shoppers to complete their purchases before it’s too late! A countdown timer will encourage customers to complete their purchases before time runs out!

4. Create a loyalty program

Christmas is an opportunity to show your customers you care by offering special discounts or even free shipping, making them feel special and valued.

At this time of year, online shoppers often visit multiple websites searching for gifts for loved ones. Make their experience seamless by allowing them to resume browsing where they left off previously and showing their recently viewed items.

Encourage customers to spend more by advertising best-selling items through exit-intent popups or remarketing ads – this will not only boost sales but also build customer loyalty.

5. Create a giveaway

Reward customers this holiday season by hosting a giveaway. Use email, social media and ads to promote it and draw in customers!

Make gifts available to customers who meet certain conditions; for example, provide a present when purchasing certain amounts of products.

Rewarding returning customers can help build engagement and loyalty, leading to higher customer lifetime values and greater profits. Offer discounts to those who create or update their carts, favorites or wish lists as a thank-you gesture; perhaps offer special gifts or incentives in appreciation of their continued patronage.

6. Create a social media campaign

Christmas is a season to share gifts with loved ones and make new ones, while making new friends as well. Launch an Instagram or Facebook campaign to spread word of your Christmas offers and increase sales – Air Berlin ran such a competition where its fans could enter for a chance at an airplane ticket by posting photos with #flyinghomeforchristmas hashtag and @airberlin as tags in social media posts and posting them with captions, such as Air Berlin did when running its contest on social media for its followers to enter via contestants on their social media posts with captions such as #flyinghomeforchristmas #airberlin for contestants to enter in order to participate and enter contest.

Don’t neglect reaching out to repeat customers with special emails – they are more likely to convert and build long-term loyalty with your brand!

7. Create a contest

Launching an online contest is an effective way of increasing customer loyalty and driving sales. Such campaigns typically consist of giveaways and sweepstakes as components.

Do not overlook promoting your Christmas sale via a popup on your website to maximize customer awareness of it! Product labels may help draw their attention while an in-built countdown timer increases urgency.

Add scarcity to your most popular products this Christmas to boost sales and foster cross-selling and upselling opportunities. It will only serve to increase their appeal among your target market!

8. Create a video campaign

Producing an online Christmas catalog can help increase sales and drive more traffic to your website. Tools like SeedProd make creating one simple and full of festive products.

One effective way of driving traffic is by creating a quiz. Quizzes enable you to identify target audiences while providing them with personalized recommendations.

One effective holiday marketing idea is creating a limited-time flash sale. This will increase urgency among your target customers to take action before the offer is gone; sticky bars ensure your coupon code remains prominent even after they leave your website.

9. Create a gift guide

Holiday gift guides are an effective way of getting customers into the Christmas spirit and encouraging repeat purchases from your store. Help your customers select gifts they will appreciate from this year’s guide and encourage more from them when purchasing more from your store!

Use a festive popup to advertise your gift guide and highlight any discounts being offered, as well as to create urgency among visitors and encourage them to take advantage of it as soon as possible. Rewarding customers who remain loyal can increase customer retention and long-term revenue growth.

10. Create a blog post

Add interactive content to your website as a fun way of engaging customers and building customer loyalty. Create a quiz that helps shoppers locate gifts for those on their Christmas lists.

Utilising scarcity marketing by setting a countdown timer and encouraging shoppers to act fast before it’s too late is simple and allows you to add urgency timers quickly with tools such as OptinMonster.

Reward loyal customers this Christmas by offering special promotions and discounts, then promote these offers through emails to increase customer lifetime value.